Implement healthy choices & inspire your players, Students, or workforce

Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND, teaches anatomy and physiology at yoga trainings throughout the world.  He offers 'Optimal Nutrition' and 'Mobility/Spine Stability' workshops throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and also teaches in Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine's 'THRIVE' program.  His dynamic and creative lectures are an asset for Corporate Wellness programs.  Workshops and lectures are customized to suit your needs.  A healthier team makes for happier coaches.  A healthier workforce results in better performance and productivity in the workplace.  Additionally, a school, mom's group, senior center, club, or community center would greatly benefit from a workshop or seminar.  Naturopathic Athlete's goal is to promote optimal health and wellness for everyone, athlete and non-athlete alike.   Scroll down to check out our photos from American Airlines Sky Harbor, 105F Chicago/Mexico/Costa Rica, The Foundry, Gateway Nurses Association, Yoga for Hope, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Waggoner Elementary, WellSpring Holistic Health, One Fire, and more!

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