At Naturopathic Athlete our focus is on providing value. As a physician, the most important part of my service is to help my patient achieve better health. Part of the value in my service is the time I spend with my patients. I want to know the patient as a whole person and provide treatment options and education specific to his or her needs. In each visit with my patients, we not only pursue effective remedies for their main complaints, we speak about the idea of ‘food as medicine’ and explore the importance how simple lifestyle changes can help mitigate stress, improve sleep and allow for more healthy movement throughout the day.
— Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND


Free 30-Minute Consultation

Meet Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND, learn about naturopathic medicine, and find out how Naturopathic Athlete can help you.   Discover new treatment opportunities and a health regimen that is non-invasive and specific to your needs.  No treatments or therapies will be provided during this visit but you will leave with a better understanding of the ways you can make a difference in your health.  You have more power over your well-being than you might imagine.  Let Dr. Ben shed light on  the specific things you can do to overcome your main complaints, and discover simple but profound ways you can optimize your health to minimize future issues.  Start the transformation by clicking HERE.

Add more years to your life and more life to your years. 
After your 30-minute consultation you are ready to begin!  Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND will help you resolve your health challenges and guide you to treatment options tailored to your specific needs.  Prepare to see and feel a change in your mind and body.  Begin a partnership for better health.  Below are some examples of available options which can enable you to enjoy mental, emotional, and physical vitality throughout your entire life.  Learn why symptoms are not the disease, distinguish between what is common vs what is normal, and discover ways you can improve your unique susceptibility to illness.   A thorough Initial Intake of your unique case is the first step towards your custom treatment plan.  To get started, choose from the options below.  Follow-Up appointments will be scheduled based on your progress and specific needs.  



Initial Intake (90-minutes to 2 hours) . . . $295
Follow-Up (50-minutes) . . . $115
Acute Injury or Illness Visit (50-minutes) . . . $175 new patient/ $115 current patient
AIA Sports Physical (40-minutes). . .$75
Comprehensive Posture Analysis Initial Intake (60-minutes). . .$150
Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis (60-minutes). . .$150
Posture or Nutritional Analysis Follow-Up (45-minutes). . .$75
Posture or Nutritional Analysis Follow-Ups 3-Pack (45-minutes each). . .$180


Lifestyle Partnership

One 90-minute to 2-hour Initial Intake and three 50-minute Follow-Up sessions.  $495 ($145 savings)

This Partnership is available to all adults and children who want to feel better, be more active, address chronic health issues, optimize peak performance, avoid/heal injury, or overcome limiting conditions through a program designed around their own personal needs and goals.  Dr. Zorensky will thoroughly investigate your medical history and your present state of health in order to develop with you a program to enable you to reach your goals.  The tools in his toolbox include nutritional analysis, botanical medicine, classical homeopathy, adrenal stress profiling, personal movement therapy (such as biomechanics, yoga, active routines), posture and gait analysis, and much more.   Instead of putting a band-aid on your chief complaints, Dr. Zorensky will guide your efforts to optimize your overall health.  Commit to this program and improve your well-being as you take a giant step into your healthy future. 


Follow-up visits are an important part of your commitment to optimize your overall well-being.  Your goal is not to eliminate symptoms, but to overcome the underlying issues that cause those symptoms to take hold.  These follow-ups provide a way for Dr. Zorensky to continue monitoring your progress, making adjustments to your individualized program, and ensuring that you will be able to maintain the gains you have made for the long term.

Partnership Extension

This is available only to those who have completed the Lifestyle Partnership program:  Commit to another three additional 50-minute follow-up appointments, booked at 4-8 week intervals, based on Dr. Zorensky’s evaluation of your progress and specific needs.  $300 ($45 savings)

A La Carte Follow-Up Visits

Single 50-minute follow-ups are booked at 4-8 week intervals based on Dr. Zorensky’s evaluation of your progress and specific needs.  $115.


All payments are due the day of service.  We accept HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flex Spending Account), credit cards (VISA/MC), checks and cash.  

Do we accept insurance? 

  • Naturopathic Athlete does not accept insurance; however, we can provide you with the necessary codes and information so that you can submit the claim to your insurance company. A percentage of consultation fees may be reimbursed by your insurance company.

  • Insurance companies do not influence our decisions in regard to your healthcare. By charging cash at the time of service, Dr. Zorensky, ND is able to spend more quality time with his patients, and can actually keep the rates lower. It also allows treatment plans to be discussed and decided upon by the doctor and the patient.