What is naturopathic athlete?

Drawing on a broad range of holistic modalities, Naturopathic Athlete offers custom-designed services for each patient.  As a naturopathic medical practice, we specialize in empowering the dynamic healing force within to establish optimal health through natural medicine, biomechanics, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.  Profound improvements in well-being manifest through simple modifications of diet, movement, lifestyle, and/or a prescription of natural supplements and botanicals.  We use a thorough and holistic approach to medicine that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.  We are here for adults and children, current and retired athletes, or anyone seeking to improve his/her health and well-being.  For the conditioned athlete, we team up with you to meet your specific health needs, prolong your athletic career, optimize your training and performance, and help you prevent or safely heal from injury.  But you don't have to be playing a sport or engaging in athletic activities to benefit from what Naturopathic Athlete has to offer: we can help you see and feel a change in your body, your energy, and your overall well-being!

Learn how to approach what ails you through natural and holistic strategies.  Learn why symptoms are not the disease, distinguish between what is common vs what is normal, and discover ways you can improve your unique susceptibility to illness.  Experience how we combine specific movement and postural exercises, proper nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to enhance your vitality.   Strengthen the mechanical masterpiece that is your foot, stabilize your spine, experience nature, walk to improve your circulation, and stand up to actualize your future and live what you love.  Live a Naturopathic Athlete lifestyle. 

tools available to achieve your goals

An individualized program with Naturopathic Athlete focuses on restoring optimal health and preventing future illness or injury.  Rooted in the idea that the body has the capacity to heal itself, our efforts will be to enable the body's own resources to regenerate and thrive.  

Some of our tools include: Nutrition, Stress Management Methods, Biomechanics of Movement, Botanical Medicine, Vitamin/Mineral Supplements, Posture and Gait Adjustments, Homeopathy, Adrenal Stress Profiling, Pulse Oximetry, Sport's Medicine, Performance Conditioning, Rest and Recovery Knowledge, and Empowering Educational Resources.